My review for Metaltown by Kristin Simmons


** spoiler alert ** 1.5 stars ⭐️⭐️

I was so excited to read this book because I loved the synopsis and it reminded me a bit of Les Misérables by Victor Hugo but to say I was really disappointed is an understatement. My favorite character was Ty, I really enjoyed reading about her and I was very displeased about what went down with her character. I knew from the beginning that Ty had feelings for Colin (ex-preppy jerk) and I had hope for his character but boy did that fall flat fast. Ty was treated pretty shitty throughout the whole novel and it made me so angry!

Ty’s love for Colin is unrequited and Colin never even knew Ty had feelings for him, he was too wrapped up in Mrs. Princess.. I loathed Lena’s character, I really disliked reading about her and the fact that she got everything she wanted in the end really just upset me.

I had a big problem with a scene where Ty was beaten, molested and almost raped. It was implied that this had happened before and then it was never mentioned again in the novel. What am I suppose to make of this?! And if that wasn’t enough Ty has an accident that leaves most of her face and hand badly burned to the point where “she can’t work” which she could have if Lena didn’t get fired.

Lena was very bitter of Ty and she got between her and Colin’s friendship. Lena constantly got Ty in trouble or made Colin get upset with her. Colin basically takes Lena’s side every time and towards the end of the novel kicks Ty out and gives Lena Ty’s place!! *raging*

Then you know, what happened at the end just make me throw the book at my wall. It’s too late Colin!!

Anyways I’m done with my ranting and now I’m going to mention a few things I did end up liking about Metaltown..

• I really liked the fact that Colin had two Moms. That was a nice surprise.

• I really like Ty’s character (obviously)

• The writing was really good but clearly I just had issues with the characters and their relationships

What I didn’t like

• Lena

• Colin

• The world building (which there wasn’t very much) the whole world was basically just set around hunger and being poor.

•Colin was not a good friends to Ty at all.




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